Have you ever been asked “where do you see yourself in five years” and found yourself speechless?  When I am asked that question about ten different scenarios play put in my mind and immediately I try to figure out which one would appeal to my audience the most.

With the selling of Senegence products I am going to hone in on my writing skills, creativity, and am practicing the art of selfies.  No, I don’t view it as a real job, and am certainly not your typical distributor (I am not buying the sparkly, gold background, a light ring).  However, I do love the product and wanted to do something to help me learn a new set of skills, take me outside of my box, and stretch me to do “live” videos.

I am actually a Public Relations manager and accountant for a renewable energy company, so I am hoping some of those awesome skills pour over into “selling” this one of a kind product that has helped me look younger, feel younger, and where my face doesn’t melt off in the sun.

This blog is a place to document the journey of MLM, network marketing. Wish me luck!