So, I stopped using the self tanner.

Want to stop destroying your skin and increasing your risk of skin cancer?  Are you on a limited time frame and budget, so laying out in the sun or driving to a tanning salon and paying for a tan, are both not realistic?  Join the club!  Bronzing coconut self tanner could resolve all these problems! I thought it was a good idea.  I also thought that experimenting on one leg to see how long it took for a tan to develop and make sure it didn’t streak, was also a good idea.  I even decided to post on FB a daily update of the progress.  After all, I started this process very white.

Here’s why I stopped using it AND stopped posting:

  1. The obvious, one leg was getting darker than the other.  By day three, it was noticeably different.  While the self tanner doesn’t have that ronchy smell that most tend to have, it did tend to leave the one leg darker that I was using it on.  At first, no big deal, then comes along the Fourth of July, capris turn into shorts, and I traded my jeans in for a swimsuit.  No, I don’t have a rare, color causing disease, I simply used a self tanner. (Fortunately there was no streaking.)
  2. One leg was softer than the other.  Yes, the leg that I was using the bronzing spray on was becoming increasingly softer.  It’s not that people are going around and feeling my legs, but I noticed, and it got weird.  This had to stop.
  3. I felt like a goob posting pictures of my legs, particularly when I hardly wear shorts.  I love to feel modest, like hard core modest.  As in, I wear long sleeve during the summer to protect my arms from the exposure.  Posting those pictures was a little creepy for me and out of my comfort zone.  I figured if someone’s going to want it, we are going to have to go about this in a different way.

So, if you want a no streak, tan looked that makes your skin so soft, this IS for you.  I would just recommend not doing only one leg.


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