Nothing Instant about Instagram

It seems so simple, I want a white background for my product pictures.  I have a good camera, but didn’t want to have to “create” a spot and take a half a day to get the job done.  Looking back, it would have been so much easier.  By 12:30 in the afternoon I had spent approximately 5.5 hours on this subject including time to delete current unused apps, an update to the iphone, and reading countless reviews online.  I had downloaded 6 apps, some of which I deleted within moments and am never going back, and a few that I have narrowed it down to and am STILL experimenting with.

The problem is that I want to keep the true color of the product and not have to add filters, change the exposure, or adjust the brightness that apply to the photo as a whole.  I may also be a bit picky, so a little gray in the back is still NOT quite what I was aiming for.

The summation:

Snapseed has specific adjustments, zoom, and it has a tour!  Some of these apps left you hanging, and that was so many apps ago I can’t even tell you which ones.  However, if they don’t have a good tutorial, you can bet it’s going to be an app fail.  There is so much education available in this app, it’s worth every penny.

Preview App:  has some fantastic filters, and am keeping this one because I paid for some in app purchases.  It at least has a “whitening” feature.

Whitagram: Very similar to Preview App.  I am keeping this one because I like white space around my pictures.

Camera+:  You have to pay for this one, but sooooo many great photographer options!

I also worked on a watermark.  I haven’t finished that process, because that is a process. Then there are those that everyone uses that include WordSwag, Phonto, Pic Collage, Videorama.  I have a few up my sleeve that may give me an edge, but I must have something to write about in the future, so we can discuss those later.  I hope your journey to good product photos is easier than mine!



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