First blog post

There was once a girl who passionately loved many things that life seemed so confusing.  Horses, her love for entrepreneur aspirations,  going to school, hospitality, and the list goes on.  Mostly she just wanted to share life with people and own a boutique.  In January of 2017, she decided that being 38 wasn’t going to let that stop her from taking steps towards those goals.  Thus she dedicated herself to her studies so that she could study, she poured herself into new tasks at work, learning new bookkeeping skills, and decided to sell Senegence products.

Lipsense, Shadowsense, anti-wrinkle creams, how do they help lead one to specific goals?  There is such a small profit margin, and there are so many competitive products, what does this have to do with loving people and owning an equestrian boutique?  Alot.  Senegence products give me, this girl, an opportunity to practice blogging, interacting on FB, being intentional.

I want to document my journey, blog on the products, share them with you and sell them to you.  For opportunities on discounts follow the FB link below.


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