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Most of us in the United States recognize this bridge, know it’s name and where it is.  How does that happen for those that have never even been there?  It’s a marketing phenomenon.

The Golden Gate Bridge.  I was flying out of San Francisco on a Delta flight when I sat next to a man that became my husband less than a year later.  Looking back it seems like a wild story that one would make up, especially when you hear the details, but at the time the pieces just kind of unfolded to make a page, like a wadded up piece of paper you dig out of your pocket and straighten out.  The ink may be smudged and there are lots of crumples, but the whole thing is there, and we went with it.

It’s the subtle things in life that can impact us the most if we are paying attention.  They hit home, close to the heart, and one little thing can lead to another.  I desire to be a marketeer of the subtle type, not that glorious hype and shenanigans that most people have come to expect, but share a product and a life all at the same time.  I want to hear stories and tell stories.  I want to live life in color, but with the simplicity of black and white films with subtitles.

This blog documents my journey of direct sales, connectivity with others, and how this impacts my daily life.  Come along with me by clicking on the “Follow” button below.


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